Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finding Autumn in the Midst of Winter Park

There’s something about familiarity...

In our fast-paced society, there lives a constant drive for the latest fad, newest adventure, and greater thrill; though, ironically, the sweetest emotional fulfillment often provided almost always come from those things deemed “Old Hat.”

Ah, but how I love the smell of that dusty, old brim. There's a security in its touch and a comfort in its fit. Yes, it is actually the presences of our FAMILIAR - I think - that gives us fuel for adventure - the boldness to jump into unknown values and uncharted waters - confident that our jump will fly from the well-grounded footing.

Today, I have been reminded of such reality and the incomparable amount of joy and inspiration such settings bring.

Wind-blown trees, live music, sunshine on my face...dogs on leashes boutique stores and the smells of changing seasons...

Though I have roamed from land to land, I never tire of those things which make me feel “at home.”