Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am FINALLY clearing my voice mail archives, on my cellphone. Due to beloved messages, from my husband, prior to our marriage, I have not had space on my voice mail, for nearly a year! This has become a point of frustration for those that are unable to leave messages, except by text.

Friends and family have told me, repeatedly, to transfer the sound clips to a file, on my computer. And, now, I've done it. What fun to go back and recall all of the wonderful moments and feelings associated with falling in love. I still pinch myself, knowing that I'm married to my best friend, but there's something about reliving the "early moments" that make my love feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I think TRUE LOVE is the most amazing miracle God created. It is renewed, daily, and takes on greater strength and meaning, with every year.

I am blessed beyond measure!


The Umbrella Company said...
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The Umbrella Company said...

Yeah! So were you able to transfer them and savor the sweetness?