Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The GREAT LIGHT that dispels darkness...

In Psalm 27, David begins with a statement of testimony: a declaration of WHO he KNOWS GOD TO BE and WHO GOD HAS FAITHFULLY BEEN.

ADONAI is my light and salvation; whom do I need to fear;
ADONAI is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

A closer examination of the Hebrew words, in this passage, give an understanding of something far great than we are able to obtain, in English. Loosely re-translated, it may read something like this:

The Most Holy God becomes light, for me: opening space to bring deliverance and liberty from the tight, restricting things in my life. Therefore, I have no reason to be of afraid of anything! He will illuminate and open every dark place, for me. God Almighty is my safe refuge of defense, so why should I tremble before anyone but Him?!

What an incredible statement of faith! What an incredible knowledge of God!

If David wrote no more than this opening verse, it would be a fabulous foundation, to challenge our faith and walk, with God. To have already answered the questions that these statements hush is to understand (with all one's being!) a core attribute of God. If we could but grasp the simply stated truths of these words, we may avoid time wasted on worry, doubt, fear, and the bad choices that come from such broken patterns of thinking. We may have opportunity to live lives of victory, freedom, joy, and abundance, because we know that God is truly in control.

Teach us, Lord!

Speak...Your servants are listening...

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