Saturday, February 26, 2011


No...I'm not talking about the below-par, mystery food.

I'm referring to that stuff - that UNwanted stuff - that we get in our email inboxes nearly every day of our lives.

I realized, this morning, that I've done it to myself.  When I switched from my maiden-name email to my married-name email (a practical decision after my marriage, 3 years ago), I opted to retain the old as a "filter" for spam.  Why?  Because, I LOVE surveys and freebies.  However, they usually come with the "catch" of having to provide an initial email for "login."  For a while I didn't mind maintaining two emails - one for personal use, the other for fringe interest; but, I think I'm changing my mind. 

In the end, some of the websites that I frequent have convinced me to use my primary address as my point of contact or login.  Hence, I now get "spam" from those sites (which is relative, depending on the day and my level of interest in the content) everyday.  So, instead of truly filtering out the bad from the good, I simply have TWO accounts that appear to be brimming with news from friends or appreciated organizations. Yet, much to my chagrin, 90% always turns out to be a series of updates, newsletters, and coupons for which I have no interest.

I don't know if I should quit my free-on-the-web addiction or simply admit defeat and quit the foolishness of two poorly organized email boxes?!  But I am convinced of one thing: either way, SPAM is pointless!  Whether it's made of meat or trite bits of information, it has no long-term nutritional value for my head or my body.  Of this I am certain!

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