Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To a tee

I'm reading through the bible in a year, this year.  So far, it has been an intriguing approach to my personal study, as I've always followed my own Spirit-led inclinations, or taken cues from the traditional, weekly Torah portions.  Hence, though I've read the Bible through many times, it's never been intentional and time-bound.

Today marked the completion of Exodus, for the Old Testament reading and I found myself thrilled with its simple ending.  After nearly 80 days of instruction, on Mt. Sinai, Moses returns to the people (descending from the mountain) and recounts the instruction he's directly received from the MOST HIGH G-D.  Though they began with sin and a misunderstanding of HOW to obey the orders, the final result is a people ready and "willing" (according to scripture) to help accomodate obedience to ADONAI and construct a meeting place with Him - The Tabernacle.

I love how specific the LORD is, with His blueprints and how ready Moses and his main craftsman assistance, Betzalel and Aholiab, are to do EXACTLY what ADONAI has instructed.  So, though the final three chapters are a direct repeat of G-d's instruction, they mark the specificity of obedience to the PLAN that these men took in construction of G-D's TABERNACLE.  They understood the simple key to relationship with G-d: we take OUR cue FROM HIM.  It's not - and never will be - about US.  It's ALL ABOUT HIM!  Because of their desire to please and pleasure HIM FIRST, they are successful in their attempts and efforts to construct this detailed meeting place and are satisfied and fulfilled, once it's completed.

LORD, teach us how to remain simple, in our thinking, as we serve you, remembering that if we merely follow YOUR blueprint, we can NEVER be put to shame.

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