Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Back in 2000, I had the privilege of fulfilling a childhood dream of visiting Disney World Orlando, with my entire immediate family (Father, Mother, Sister). We spent nearly a week in all four parks and saw EVERYTHING, even the rides that most would label as "lame." Among those experiences most-remembered was the famous "Spaceship Earth," at Epcot.

Originally opened in 1982, this "people-mover" ride - complete with narration and animatronics - is enclosed inside the large, ball that identifies the park itself. When first ridden, I was underwhelmed by the experience, valuing it as merely a walk through time and a legitimizing of the overall DISNEY EXPERIENCE. It's concepts were dates, as well as its technology and I remember wondering how long it would survive, in light of so many other new attractions.

Well, my curiosity was quenched yesterday, as I revisted this historic site, this time with my new husband. Disney recently re-invented the ride, installing personal, interactive computer screen into each moving pod. Dame Judy Dench now narrates and the storyline has been altered from that of technology's progress to the evolution of the world's modes of communication.

At the very end of the ride, while being slowly moved down the far wall of the globe's interior, each computer screen asks its pilots to answer a series of questions, while inputting personal information. The result - after the addition of a quick digital photo snap - is a personalized FUTURE. Though I could express my feelings about our outcome, I think I will let the image speak for itself and leave you with this:

Should my spouse grow a ponytail and take up Tai Kwon Do?


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sooprgrll said...

oh disney. also, old school spaceship earth always was in the same category for me as the old cosi walk through of different times including plague ridden europe!! with the bacon bits smell for flesh.