Friday, September 12, 2008


here i am once more, not as i was formerly known - however - as i am now presently addressed under a new surname.

still, my mind functions relatively similarly, as does my heart, though both are now taken up by the other half of myself: my dearest husband:)

in other news: elections, tropical storms, and examination of purpose.

let's begin with the one that is ironically the easiest for me to explore...ELECTIONS. at present, we have 53 days until american citizens are able to cast their vote toward the next leader of the free world. with too many topics up for grabs when considering this extremely passionate subject, let me to this alone: we HAVE to begin educating ourselves on the issues most important in this life. it is not about getting hung-up or distracted by those "platforms" to which we've so long bent a knee. would it be easier with more choices for parties? certainly. but, at present, that is not an option. so, bottom line? we must all do our best to weed through the absurdly biased opinions and BS to which we are numb to subjugation and seek the heart of G-d for a decision that will best serve our families, our nation, and our world for the next four years. it's muddy and no one is PERFECT for the job, but someone's gotta do it and it's better to just pick and be confident for yourself. let's stop arguing about the in between.

TROPICAL STORMS. huh. never thought i'd see the day when i would even pay attention to these guys, unless they hit Andrew or Katrina-like power, being that i'm shamelessly a Northern Girl. yet, as i now find myself a Floridian, or at least married to one and here until further notice, i'm waking up to realities that are no longer a distant story in the news. these puppies affect my weather now...crazy how we so frequently remain blind until we're affected. it's kinda sick, really, but we're only human and we come by this ignorance honestly. i am aware this year of exactly how many storms have occurred, thus far, what they're named, and what path they've travelled. i think i may reconsider my life calling and contemplate meteorology. nah...

though, that does bring me to today's final point: PURPOSE. what is mine, or more specifically in this present season: what is ours, meaning the husband and me??? this is the question we've all asked ourselves multiple times, but whenever we enter new realms of life and understanding, it is not uncommon to re-ask, trying to grasp how it is supposed to look, feel, and breathe inside new dimensions and circumstances. hence, we're asking again in order to clarify our NEXT STEP. we're not interested in wasting time or energy on the wrong thing. so, we wait. a good place to be at, whenever i recall the leaders that have gone before us. it is the great ones that were willing to intentionally pursue, without concern for time or opinion. so, we lean on the ONE TO WHOM WE CLING and trust HIS VOICE ALONE for answering these questions that sometimes seem clear and sometimes carry fog. what will the response be this time, O GREAT KING?

we are ever changing...

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sooprgrll said...

we find ourselves likewise asking ourselves for the current purpose. it keeps getting clarified and adjusted. enjoy!