Saturday, February 7, 2009

it's a new dawn, it's a new day

it’s “shelf time” again. not that i am forgotten, nor is he. we are merely getting ripe for the next harvest. every time i find myself waiting for the next use by the Master, i realize that, though familiar, it is always a new experience. while i can certainly learn from time past, i cannot use former strength to ease the weight of new challenges. i have to “re-learn,” die to self, and desire and recall that without death, true life cannot spring forth.

does He do this to punish? certainly not!

proverbs mentions that “the Lord disciplines those He loves; as a Father, the son He delights in...” (Prov. 3: 12). though i do not consider myself a spiritual masochist, i have learned to understand that the chastening of the Lord is one attribute that can always be trusted. for, i know that we serve a G-d who literally IS LOVE; therefore, any action He performs must be born out of love’s definition. it cannot be motivated from anything else, because G-d will never contradict Himself. so, i can trust ALL things that He initiates, whether they are comfortable or not, in the present. for, a G-d who sees and knows ALL things for ALL TIME can certainly discern the outcome of my present circumstances better than I, who have limited input into that which is yet to come.

and so, once again, we are waiting...but not in vain. for, we do not wait on man, who errs, but we actively lean on, trust, and place hope in the one who gave us breath. if he can spur life from NOTHING, He can re-birth that which he fashioned in the first place. roles may change, tasks may require different attention, but the heartbeat will always echo that which was first established in the DESTINY of our lives.

(and so we) WAIT on you LORD, that you may give us our food in due season.
- Psalm 104:27

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