Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Na-nu Na-nu

the strangest ideas pop into my head, just after waking each morning. usually, i just let them wash over my brain until i have fully surfaced into conscious reality, but this morning, i began allowing each random thought to protrude from my mouth, attempting to let my husband in on all my "secrets." right or wrong, i think that i discovered one truth that has been hidden from all of us, until my discovery, today. (you may want to fasten your mental seat belts for this one)

we all know that sleep helps our bodies recover and rebuild. we know that we need rest and that we function better when our nights are complete. yet, even with all that is known about R&R, there are still many questions left unanswered, including: What ACTUALLY happens to our bodies while we are asleep? and, as of this morning, my answer is:

We are temporarily transformed into aliens.

yes, i DID just state that as though it were truth.

i mean, who can know for sure if i am wrong? is anyone truly prepared to argue that we do NOT become aliens?

my reasons for this seemingly absurd comment are as follows:

1) when we sleep, our bodies are relatively "useless" to the human world, as we just lie around until we are awakened. however, as many aliens utilize the power of the mind to accomplish tasks, our value in that realm is absolutely intensified by our full submission to the world of the subconscious.

2) dreams are similar to reality, but just different enough to appear as an alternate state of life as we commonly know it. i believe this is the wrestle between our human and alien forms. the human part of us reveals things as they are (circumstances, people, places, memories), but the alien part changes them (your friend suddenly has a different face, you find yourself with HERO powers/abilities, etc.)

3) waking up takes time. it is a process to fully change back from alien to human form, and thus the process of waking up can often be frustrating and slow. the snooze button is actual an ingenious invention of those who recognize the tug between realms.

4) "morning breath" is actually a remnant of having been altered. while aliens may be able to access more of their brain power than humans, they do belong to other worlds and their concept of hygiene is vastly different than ours, similar to that of amphibians and reptiles. when we awake, we are not dirty, as we may think. we have simply arrived back in human form with "alien" left on our tongues.

after perusing my thoughts, i realize that i sound like a crazy person and NO, i don't actually believe that we experience nightly body snatching. but, it is fun to think about these types of things and the child in me will always be willing to explore my thoughts and visions, no matter how bizarre they may appear to those around me.

and to all of my readers from the planets beyond...LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!



sooprgrll said...

This explains the sleep-crop-circling I've been doing lately.

coconomad said...

lol...what a great concept, kohls. truly, that could become a legitimate concept for a new Sci-Fi novel:)