Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shout Outs to Heaven

Last night, I had the great privilege of reconnecting, with my little sister, after a nearly two-week lull in correspondence.  Between babies, sickness, bad phone connections, and altered work schedules, we've simply not be able to find common time and space.  But, being that we're as close as twins are usually thought to be, the silence between us felt painfully longer than it really was.

Needless to say, we made the most of the gifted hour and exchanged words regarding the faithfulness of G-d in our lives over the past couple of weeks.

And, I realized something...



Because it is ALWAYS rooted in G-d and always provokes the sharer(s) and receiver(s) to fix their gaze on universe's Great King.  

The path of testimony, therefore, begins and ends with He who IS the beginning and the end.  Thus, it is the highest form of worship, because no other being has option to take credit; no person or situation can receive glory for whatever breakthrough has occurred.  

In so many expressions of worship, we find room for err, either due to distraction (time, focus, energy, etc.) or displaced recognition (taking credit for something NOT our own).  Yet, the very nature of testimony defies these weaknesses by its initiation in the SPECIFIC DESIRE to give account of what G-d has done.  And, because of His great love for us, it edifies us in the process.  We become encouraged and strengthened as we are reminded that G-d is Good!  And, it causes us to keep trusting, to abide in Him, no matter our present set of circumstances.  Essentially, testimony is a Heavenly Pep Rally, where believers find themselves pumping adrenaline and cheer leading for the LORD.  

Testimony starts with G-d moving, causes us to recognize we can do nothing apart from Him (thereby initiating perseverance in our faith), and leads us to further testimony.  It is a successful cycle that has proved itself for generations, beginning with those who penned our very scriptures...which is why reading the WORD is so refreshing, so challenging to our daily walk.  It stirs our spirit and reminds us that G-d truly is the same "yesterday, today, and forever."

So, the next time your needing a little "tune-up," give it up for G-d: walk to the closest relational "open-mic," and shout out.  I guarantee you'll be refreshed for the next step.

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