Tuesday, April 8, 2008

caverns of untapped treasure

i have never known love like this.

in you, i am finding the definition of the phrase "I Love You," as though it has never before had meaning.

you are love to me and to love you is life.

you unearth the deepest parts of me, sometimes with intention...other times, simply through breathing. for you are my counterpart, my other half, the one chosen - since the beginning of time - to COMPLETE me. completion speaks of perfection. thus, when i speak of you in such a manner, i acknowledge that you are PERFECT, the one to bring me to my greatest potential, to stir within me all that i was created to be, to accomplish.

i said to you, tonight that i was MADE to support you. as the words left my mouth, i realized their truth. i was made FOR you...in that understanding lies my life purpose and destiny...to be lived out ALONGSIDE you and WITH YOU, through each and every turn and step.

i have found him whom my soul loves...

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