Monday, April 21, 2008

A Goya on the Roof...

it wasn't quite the blind leading the blind.

in fact: i think things went rather well...better than i could have hoped for.

i am in the midst of making many changes - as is evident in other bits that that have been recently written. these changes have called on my ability to acclimate to new circumstances and take on new roles to which i have not previously been accustomed. though seemingly familiar, their "real time" experience can often leave me feeling inadequate.

last night could have been one of those experiences, but by the grace of G-d, it all worked out according to design, according to "order," a Jewish "seder" to be exact.

so here i was, in my in-laws-to-be's home, hosting a Passover Seder, leading the family in the traditional blessing and customs of what we lovingly refer to as "our people," though none of us have proper documentation to prove such a fact. it couldn't have gotten less traditional:

a goya (non-Jewish, FEMALE) leading a group of Puerto Rican Believers through a passover seder, that included recognition of the Feast's fulfillment through Yeshua HaMashiach. We were joined, not by Elijah, but by a cousin, half-way through our evening. We had to imagine the shankbone, because i neglected to collect something similar in my preparations for the meal...the list probably could go on.

yet, in the end: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! everyone, including myself, learned something new. we told and recounted the faithfulness of God to not only deliver His People from the bondage of Egypt, but to deliver US from the bondage of sin. we laughed and exchanged stories and anecdotes. and, we did all in a spirit of celebration. meaning: we captured the purpose of the night. we reminisced as FREE MEN, because that's what we are.

i was able to overcome my fear to lead in that which i've only formerly participated and i was even able to answer random questions as they arose. i love teaching and this was, thankfully, one more wonderful opportunity to operate in that capacity for which i was designed.

Baruch HaShem!

HaShanah Ha'Ba'ah B'Yerushalayim!

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sooprgrll said...

Wow! How fun, it sounds like you did great for you first time. It's only going to get easier!!