Thursday, April 24, 2008

take four?

G-d must really love me.


i understand that He loves me all of the time, but this week has held unprecedented blessing. my lovely fiance works part-time at the Ritz Carlton Spa, which takes up "a lot" of time, in light of the fact that we spend most mornings in the gym/studio. so, in any given week, we spend quality time together "after hours" (during which time, he is often sleepy), or on his two days off.

this week, work has been slow and he has gotten ready for work, only to find out that he's been called off! obviously, work is a blessing and money a gift - especially during this season of savings and preparation. however, as one who lives by the love language of QUALITY TIME, i nearly ALWAYS desire more time with him, whether talking, accomplishing tasks, or simply breathing the same space.

today, he had not only prepared for work, but ARRIVED, before being told that he had no clients booked. hence, i had already begun my day, fully expecting not to see him until later in the evening. delighted i was to discover that he could join me for all of these tasks AND be present to do fun/unexpected things!!!

i was overjoyed to say the least.

we have been talking about getting ice cream forever, as well as continuing our work on registries and furniture searches. so, after getting showered and ready, we headed out for a bit of all three. we looked around for bedroom sets at some stores that had not yet been explored, after which i introduced him to the wonder that is Old Time Pottery (side note: for those that LOVE to get lost in a sea of warehouse-priced home-good items, this is the store for a search for a location near won't be disappointed!). before finishing our outing with a stop by Target, he treated me to a Cold Stone Creamery experience. ah, how i love that place. it is deserving of a blog of its own...perhaps i shall indulge that in another venture.

we didn't get home until after nine, but even amidst fatigue and hunger, i was so thankful for the opportunity to once again have his unexpected presence in my day. the Lord knew that my tank needed some extra filling right now.

i am grateful.

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sooprgrll said...

Unexpected dates are so much fun!!