Sunday, April 6, 2008

Like Rain On A Lake

There are times when I just sense that all's right with the world...

Not necessarily unique, these pockets of life often carry significance in my perspective and course. They provide time for contemplation - a breath in the unending cycle of life's oft "crazy" schedule.

Today, I found myself in the midst of one such oasis in time. And for a brief lapse, I stood on the border 'twixt eternity past and eternity present: aware of myself, aware of G-d and aware of the great things He's writ that are yet to unfold...

I paused to reflect His goodness -- how the order of His perfect time and intentional space directly relate to my destiny.

I was frozen - silent in the sounds of nature, carrying on just within reach, yet far beyond my grasp of control.

And in my contemplation, I knew...


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